“MuteZucchini”..2x2" oil on canvas. Always struck me as a warm and kind hearted person, the kind you can feel comfortable drinking tea, coffee and cookies with at a picnic, or just reading a book next to. A lady from the Netherlands from whom I learn a lot about social justice through her blog, advice and work at the Transgender Netwerk Nederland.

"HeSaid"..2x2" oil on canvas..This American guy I have never spoken to plays guitar, is an artist whose style is very much like Gorillaz's, loves John Frusciante, doesn't have one-night stands, takes good photographs and edits them well too and because of this several people like to impersonate him online. Former boyfriend of SheSaid -whom I have also painted, little is known of what he does with his life now.

"SheSaid"..2x2 oil on canvas..Bassist for a band she was in with her former boyfriend "HeSaid". These two tried to keep in contact after breaking up but HeSaid's current girlfriend has developed an obsession with SheSaid; it seems as though she stalks SheSaid's and her relative's online accounts, causing her to change usernames constantly. It is somewhat difficult to Google her unless you know her real name.

"Vampipe"..2x2 ft, oil on canvas. 2011..A Mexican graphic designer and photographer I've been chatting with since 2004 through VampireFreaks.com. We have exchanged artwork since we appreciate each other's work. On 2010 he finally married TheAnimalinMe -whom I have also painted. He is the only person of these series of paintings I have met in person back in 2009.

"TheAnimalinMe"..2 x 2' oil on canvas, 2010..A Hungarian raised in Spain I me through VampireFreaks.com, after a couple of years she finally married my other friend, "Vampipe" on 2010 in México city. For this portrait she wrote me:
"I remember that I made you a drawing 'cause I found you very intriguing (that was my first drawing after a long_long empty pause) and after that I saw Luis made you one also..that was one more reason to start talking to him 'cause I'm a flirt.
So as far as I remember we met 'cause I saw your profile on the first page of VF and left you a comment and you took the time to reply something awesome (I don't remember what) ..and basically that's the way I pick my friends, I say: You! points You'll be my friend..like it or not! hah! and no one can say ''no'' cause I'm decided to stick around and have an eye on you most of the time even if you don't even notice it lol."

"Morrigan"..2x2" oil on canvas..I saw her first on DarknessofFear.com in 2002 under the username "DeathAngel". She was nice enough to share her poetry at the forums and after going through several entries there I found out the boyfriend she was living with, member "DarkChef" shot himself with a gun in front of her. He was also supposedly an abusive boyfriend. The blame game was played among the site's members and went to the point of substantiating evidence of his death. I saw Morrigan later on on VampireFreaks.com, but I never asked her if that was really her on that site. She is a very nice tattoo artist in Brooklyn, New York that still wonders why so many people like to upload pictures of her to impersonate her.

"John Killerbob".. 2 x 2' oil on canvas, 2011..Bass player for an Italian deathmetal band that I started writing to through DarknessOfFear.com way back in 2002. Back then I barely knew that he was in a band. About 6 years ago, while visiting a flea market in Juárez, I asked a friend to recommend me music, I wanted to buy something different. He made me choose between 2 cd's. I chose Cadaveria. I liked them. It turned out to be his band. He's had that mohawk ever since I can remember.

"Razorcandi".. 2x2' oil on canvas, 2010..I've never really spoken to her but she's been kind enough to allow me to work with her pictures. Another one of those gorgeous, iconic members of Vampirefreaks.com. Former gogo dancer, she's perhaps the more outgoing twin of "EdenProsper" [also painted]. Photographs of Razorcandi have been published in various magazines along with 3 books consisting of a big anthology of her diverse gothic looks featuring photography from her Romanian husband, EdenProsper and Jennifer Pajor among others. She's also a skilled painter.

"EdenProsper"..2 x 2' oil on canvas, 2010..Since i saw her first on Vampirefreaks.com this woman has lived in Tampa Florida, has been interested in sewing, reading, drawing and photography, does '80s and '90s Goth in a unique and elegant style, she also photographs very well. A very intimidating person to talk to. Her twin sister is "Razorcandi". I had never really crossed words with her until now that she helped me with this project of mine for which i am very thankful.

"AngelWitchDT"...2 x 2' oil on canvas, 2010....†1980-2003† This 24 year old guy from Panamá called my attention from the many things he posted on his own website, a list of life goals such as: obtain peace within his being, be an opinion leader, be a writer, director and producer, learn Speranto, German, Japanese and Latin, learn more magick, learn more about nature and animals, etc. When I finally worked up the nerve to write to him, I found several messages his friends had posted on his page, stating how much they were missing him now that he is dead. After that, he's been constantly on my mind and is the force behind many projects I force myself to finish before I lose my life unexpectedly.

"NordicKnight".. 2x2" oil on canvas, 2010..He's a friend from Oslo, Norway that has been very influential to me. We've been writing each other for quite some years now. He'll recommend me books to read and authors that I have read in the past like Jostein Gaardner, Kierkegaard and Carl Sagan, on subjects like Philosophy, Metaphysics and Social Sciences. He takes professional photographs in his transvestite outfits and contrasts them against his soldier uniforms and weapons.


.Portraits of people from any other place except close to me. These are all people i don’t really know. I used their self-taken digital pictures and took them to another level through oil on canvas but would that be enough to pique your interest in them just like they did mine and what is the difference between painting this subject matter and painting -say, my mother or my niece?