Untitled. 2017, 5x3", oil on canvas.

“Saint Agatha”. 2018, oil on canvas.

untitled. 2017. Oil on canvas.

On the Way to New Mexico. 2018. Oil on canvas.

“Sachiko”. 41x72 inches. Oil on canvas, 2016

“Temósachic House”. 20x24", oil on canvas. 2017.

Mean Business. 3x4 ft, oil on canvas, 2011.

veteran. Graphite on paper, 18x24 inches. 2011.

veteran. Oil on canvas, 18x24 inches. 2015.

oil on canvas. 2015

oil on canvas. 2016.

11x14 inches. Pastel. 2015.

11x14 inches. Pastel. 2015.

"Young Ballerina", 2014, pastel on Canson paper.

“Heirloom”, oil on canvas. 2014.

“Marpoles”, 4x4 inches, oil on canvas. 2014.

Auditioning Ballerina. 20x24" oil on canvas. 2016.


commissions by generous patrons, mostly portraits